September 22, 2018

Ultra 9-Hour Trail Running Event
8:30 AM to 5:30 PM

Roosevelt Forest
700 Peters Lane Stratford CT

Course Map


Course layout:
The course is a circuit of two well marked loops.
The circuit is marked by pink ribbon and signs dictating the trail color and direction to go or not go.

Loop 1 is 3.5 miles with a water only stop at 2.2 miles. It runs "clockwise"

Loop 2 is 2.7 miles. It run "counterclockwise.

Start and finish line is the location of the main aid station and for bib pick up. You will go by it after every loop.

Loop 1 will be called Orange-Right (clockwise)
Loop 2 will be called Orange-Left (counterclockwise)

Breakdown: 1 circuit: Loops 1 + 2 = 6.2 miles (10 K).
2 circuits: Loop 1 + 2= 12.4 miles (20 K)
3 circuits: Loop 1 + 2= 18.6 miles (30 K)
4 circuits: Loop 1 +2= 24.8 miles (40 K)*
*Adjustment here for a marathon:
An immediate 1.4 miles Orange-left loop cut short at the red triangle to return to start: total 26.2 marathon.
5 circuits: Loop 1 + 2= 31 miles (50 K)
Using the letters from "A" to "I" follow to the next turn.

Circuit One (note: Loop 1 is: 1-3-5 and Loop 2 is: 2-4-6)

Loop 1:
"A" - Start line on blue trail to right on Orange-Right trail
"B" - Orange-Right trail to left on Yellow Trail
"C" - Yellow trail to left on Lt. Green Trail (triangle
out and back return to Lt Green/Yellow triangle
"D" - At triangle left to Yellow trail to left on
"E" - Dark Green Trail About 2.2 miles - water only station,
follow trail markings on Dark Green trail into the woods
to boy scout camp and cinder trail returning to
start line blue trail for loop 2 (first loop complete: 3.5 miles)
Loop 2 "F" - Start Loop 2 on blue trail to Orange-Left
"G" - Orange- left to Red trail to Red/Blue triangle to Blue trail
"H" - Blue trail out and back return to Red Trail - Right
"I" - Red/Orange triangle go Red - right; exiting to left on road to "A"
to star second circuit at Pavilion (loop 2: complete 2.7 miles; total 6.2)

Map of the Forest

Course Map